September 23, 2022

Museums for All Participation

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The Phelps Mansion Museum is pleased to announced that is has joined the Museums for All initiative program for SNAP using visitors!


What is Museums for All?

Museums for All is a federal program managed by the Institute of Museums and Library Services. Through this program, participating museums are providing discounted general admission rates for people who are receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits.

In the case of the Phelps Mansion Museum, we are offering free admission.


How does it work?

To be able to make use of this program, you must have a viable SNAP EBT card and a corresponding photo ID. Simply present these at check-in and the full discount will be applied.

Please remember that this ONLY applies to general admission for regularly scheduled tours. This will NOT apply for events, special tours, programs, gift shop purchases, etc.


How many can use it?

The discount rate will apply for up to four (4) people per SNAP EBT/photo ID presented.


Can I still make reservations?

Yes, you can still make reservations for a regularly scheduled tour ahead of time. Simply call us at (607) 722-4873 to schedule your tour and present your SNAP EBT card at the desk. Do NOT purchase a reservation ahead of time as we may not be able to refund the purchase.


Where can find out more?

For any specific questions concerning our use of the program, call us at (607) 722-4873 or email us at

For general information and other answered questions regarding Museums for All, visits their website here.


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